Accessorizing with Pocket Squares

Add Sophistication to your Wardrobe with Pocket Squares

Pocket squares are made from linen, cotton and silk.  The edges should be rolled by hand or simulated hand roll, with the corners finished by hand.

These squares are placed in the breast pocket of your suit, sport jacket or tuxedo as the finishing touch for a well dressed gentleman.

No Pocket Square Striped Bow Tie Pocket Squares add flair to your wardrobe.  Compare the jacket to the left with no Pocket Square to the photo below which shows the same jacket with a white Pocket Square.  The jacket below has a more "finished" look than the jacket to the left.

Pocket Squares should not match your tie, they should complement it.  A Pocket Square can pull colors from your coat, shirt and tie.  However, white is always correct.  You can never go wrong with a white pocket square.

White Pocket Square Striped Bow Tie

The purpose of this article is to show you how to use complementary colors from your tie to choose an appropriate pocket square that sets you apart as a successful and well dressed gentleman.

The Only Rule to Mixing Patterns
Choose a color from your neckwear.  Our primary business is bow ties so that's what we have pictured in our demonstration but our recommendations work just as well for neckties or ascots.  When choosing a pocket square, it's best if it's not the primary color of the bow tie.  We recommend that you choose a secondary color from your bow tie.  To help illustrate the point, we'll show you some examples:

Multi colored bow tie Striped Bow Tie Paisley Pocket Square As you can see, we've used a natural colored jacket with a multi-colored bow tie.  The pocket square we chose is a paisley pattern.  What makes this work is tying in the blue color through the shirt, the bow tie, and the pocket square 

Let's look at another example:

Carolina Blue Bow Tie

Carolina Blue Bow Tie Paisley Pocket Square

In the photo's to the left, we combined stripes, window pane, and paisley prints, but the end result is stunning.  We did this by choosing the blue color and using it in the shirt, bow tie, and pocket square.

Striped Bow Tie Blue Bordered Pocket Square Striped Bow Tie Blue Bordered Pocket Square Here, we've used blue as our accessory color but this time we've used the blue bordered pocket square.  Notice that the blues, while not an excellent match, are in the same blue color tone.


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